Your casino can be garnished with elaborate costumes, props,
music, and variety acts. O-Go Sales can turn the normal casino
into a whole show. Below are just a few of our most requested.
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Feel the excitement of being there. This "Black & White" affair is our basic casino party. Dealers wear white tuxedo shirts with red or black ties and black pants. To create the elegance of Monte Carlo, the casino manager (Pit Boss) is dressed up in a full tuxedo.


Dealers wear bright shirts with black pants. Each guest is greeted at the door with brightly colored poly lei and the sound Caribbean music gets the night started. Usually the food is used to set the mood. Sea side decorations and balloons also create the atmosphere.


Dealers are dressed in tuxedo shirt, black pants, black and red arm bands, with green visors. The guests are greeted at the door by 2 friendly gangsters complete with pin stripe suits and machine guns. The gangsters double as pit bosses for the evening and then change to Keystone cops and raid the joint before closing.

Additional Options:

We offer either, flapper costumes at $25.00 (rental), or ladies in costumes for either serving or just to mingle with the guests at $180.00. A back alley facade complete with trash cans and junk is available for either an entrance way or back drop for $1200.00. A suggestion for the caterer would be to have all the drinks served in tea cups, thus giving the real "Speakeasy" look.


Your guests will feel like they're back in the wild west. We set the perfect scene by our dealers wearing white tuxedo shirts with black western type "Bolero" ties, black pants, arm bands and visors to add to the authenticity. Casino managers/Pit Bosses dress in black tuxedos with western hat and tie. An old time cashier window is the focus when you get casino chips. Western "Saloon" music sets the mood.  (Click on the image to the left to inlarge picture)

Additional Options:

To enhance the western look, Straw, hay bales, cactus, and wagon wheels are available. We also offer at an additional cost, backdrops, wooden saloon, general store, livery stable and bank. Your guests can even get their picture taken in costume at the jail. To make the atmosphere more playful we suggest strolling actors such as cowboys, saloon girls, outlaws, or prospectors interacting among the guests.

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